Doing Pizza Justice

The Just Crust is now serving delicious pizzas in Harvard Square with the highest quality locally sourced ingredients. The Just Crust is committed to food justice and social justice with employees who will share in the success of this business. For those who care about their food, as well as the people who prepare and sell their food, we hope you will visit us often!

Our thin crust pizzas and salads are made from locally sourced, sustainably grown ingredients. From the wheat for our flour to the tomatoes for our special pizza sauce to the artisan cheeses, we know local is best. Everything is prepared in the restaurant, including our homemade dressings and pizza dough. We are now serving beer and wine, so stop in for a drink with your pizza.

Please contact us ( to sign up for an account and have The Just Crust cater your lunches, dinners, conferences, parties, and study breaks for your organization, study or rooming group, or office. The Just Crust needs your support to be a successful venture in Harvard Square!