We are very happy to announce that Gluten Free Pizzas are available on a daily basis, with no prior notice required for an order!  

Our Gluten Free pies come in one size, 14″.  Any specialty pizza or make-your-own pizza can be made with Gluten Free crust.  Unfortunately we are not equipped to sell GF pizzas by the slice.  Prices are the same as a small pizza.  Our GF crusts are made by dedicated Gluten Free, local bakery Something Sweet Without Wheat, located in Woburn and Arlington, MA.  Check out their website here:

As a reminder, our Gluten Free crusts are kept sealed until we cook them and we take every possible precaution to keep them separate from gluten flour, but there is still potential for contamination with airborne flour which is inevitable in our open kitchen. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our GF pizza is 100% safe for your individual needs.  Please assess your own acceptable level of risk according to your condition as determined by yourself in consultation with a physician.

We welcome any and all feedback regarding our Gluten Free offerings and encourage you to make suggestions about how we can further welcome and accommodate our guests with dietary restrictions and food allergies.  Please email [email protected] with any comments, questions or concerns.

Thank you, and please help us spread the word!

Featured Supplier: Four Star Farms (11/1/13)


Four Star Farms in Northfield, Massachusetts, brings fifteen generations of farming know-how to the grains that make our pizza crust so delicious. Gene and Bonnie L’Etoile, along with sons Jacob and Nathan, grow 12 grain varieties. Their Hard Red Winter Wheat and Corn Meal are milled especially for us weekly. Take a bite and taste the difference family farming makes.