Former Upper Crust Employees Aim To Avenge Wrongs With Bigger Slice Of The Pie

NPR | February, 2013

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In the ashes of the Boston pizza chain that wronged them, some former Upper Crust Pizzeria employees are trying to get their just desserts. They’re opening their own restaurant, hoping to show up the previous owners with even bigger success.

The restaurant sits on a Brattle Street in Harvard Square. Carpenters have been busy renovating the space before the scheduled opening next month.

“We’re trying to have the business continue but give it, give it a new life,” architect Alex van Praagh said of the redesign.

The restaurant’s old life was part of a once fast-growing local chain. But the owners may have been taking the “upper crust” name too literally. They may have been trying to get rich at the expense of workers.

In 2009, the federal government investigated and ordered Upper Crust to pay its employees $341,000 in back wages for uncompensated overtime. After that, workers accused ownership of taking that money right back out of their paychecks.

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